Outsiders Football Club

Apparel Design / Branding / Logo Design / Typography / Art Direction / Social Media


The design was initially inspired by vintage jockey uniforms, cycling outfits, and vintage patches collected and discovered at secondhand shops in town. I gravitated towards the concept of the "Black Sheep" because the idea for the team was to create a sort of unique look, a non-traditional soccer club that strays from a conventional euro soccer style. The name came later with more efforts of realizing our passion for life, and the beautiful game, which strayed from the rest of the herd. We revealed a raw and subtle coolness that was unmatched by the rest. We stood behind the Oregon state motto "Alis Volat Propriis"—She flies with her own wings. And then the Outsiders were born.


About Outsiders FC

The Outsiders FC is a premium football club that flourishes in Portland, OR. The club plays under the Toffee League — a partnership between Avery Dennison and Toffee Club in SE Portland.

Who are we? The Outsiders is a lifestyle. We aren't always at the core of things, but we grok them wholly. From the Outside looking in, we recognize our uniqueness, albeit in a cloak of humility. We are black sheep, but we also wear many hats. The Outsiders roam, graze, and wander in ways that unravel malaise. Society doesn't know what to do with us. We've earned it. And we couldn't care any less.

What does our kit represent? A Black Sheep, A Wandering Ram, A Curious Goat, or even Pan. It's custom tailored to adorn us, the Gods of herds. Expect panic among opponents who dare to give it gaze, for on their hopes The Outsiders graze.

What’s our attitude? On the pitch: destroy. Off the pitch: finish chores, wear seatbelt, etc.